SKS Mag Adapter

Mk1 Carbine

Sold as a kit

Receiver design provided but must be made by customer

Designed for 45acp, 9mm, 22lr, and 17hmr

Mk1 Carbine Kit

This is still a work in development.  This is a simple open bolt designed rifle that AR-15 furniture can be used with.  The upper receiver and bolt are made of aluminum.  The lower receiver isn't provided by us, however, we do provide the design files so that the customer can manufacture it on a 3d Printer or CNC machine.

Note, although we are not selling a firearm but an accessory package, we still will require a valid firearms license.  Also the current design is a semi-automatic open bolt design which is not legal in the US.  Once this is in production we will be working on a closed bolt version that will be available

Pre-Order - $300Cdn + shipping